Access to information and privacy

Medavie Blue Cross administers the IFHP claims for clients and health-care service providers on behalf of IRCC and is permitted to collect and use personal information for this purpose. Personal information is collected about IFHP clients, their support representatives, and health-care service providers to:

  • Confirm a client's IFHP eligibility and coverage under the IFHP
  • Support health-care providers seeking financial reimbursement from the IFHP
  • Verify invoices and process claims
  • Assist clients and health-care providers with IFHP-related inquiries

Medavie Blue Cross will also share personal information with registered IFHP health-care service providers to confirm a client’s eligibility.

Personal information may be used internally for program and reporting purposes, for quality assurance, and to determine an individual’s eligibility for other IRCC programs. The information may also be used internally for research and statistical purposes, for program policy and evaluation, and for internal audit.

Failure to provide necessary personal information may prevent Medavie Blue Cross from processing IFHP claims.

For more information about Medavie Blue Cross privacy practices, please contact the Medavie Blue Cross Company Security Officer.

IRCC and Medavie Blue Cross, for the purpose of IFHP claims administration, operates in accordance with the Privacy Act. In addition to protecting your personal information, the Privacy Act gives individuals the right to request access to and correction of personal information. For more information about these rights, or about our privacy practices, please contact IRCC’s Access to information and Privacy Division. Individuals also have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the handling of personal information under the IFHP.